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A mail. Rike asks if I'd like to shoot a pair of HiTops. Sure. Oh. They look like candy. Marshmallows. But I need legs. Isn't there this girl on instagram?.. Message. Turns out Helen is in. Without knowing me. Even brings along a stylist.  Hello Amanda. Went all so smoothly. And three weeks ago I would have laughed at you if you told me I'd have a fashion shot in Friday Magazine. Went all so fast. Thanks girls. I think I like this way of work.
Anna Odell
Got to meet Anna Odell yesterday. Swedish performance artist. Movie maker. Complex mind. Thought provoking. Watch her movie; The Reunion. If I hadn't made peace with myself and apologized for some actions I made in school I'd be deeply ashamed of myself right now. Shot for RiffRaff.
The Blue Line
Met a most impressing person last Sunday. Valid is Palestinian. A mountain. A stronghold. And then he smiles and the world smiles with him. If you get the chance, watch Style Wars 2. He'll give you a very interesting point of view on street art. Shot for RiffRaff.
One of many shots shot the other week in Lugano. First spring day. 25°. Making of pictures for a Alice in Wonderland ripp-off-skate-movie-intro-somthing. A day full of laughter. Good friends. And akward sceneries.
A puristic approach. New advertisement. Martino Cattaneo shot for Warriors Skateboards. Few have a more natural approach. Fewer skate the way he does. Stay pure.
A brief glance
A brief glance. Italian magazine. Skateboarding. With an eye on whats happening on the streets. Independent. Had been collecting images with my friend Igor for his interview all last year. Surprised. One of the pictures made the cover. Grazie Davide. Grazie Guido. Grazie Igor. Click here for the rest of the pictures.
Got this wall for two weeks at Photobastei. Vernissage tonight. Thursday, February 13th. Should stay there four two weeks. The whole thing is about 3x1.5m. Nailed it. Simple prints. Called Urban Extracts. The objects that jump at me all of a sudden if I leave my eyes unattended. 
Oh. Forgot. I got an artwork on a t-shirt. Quick picture with a little red paint found in Sofia 2012. Ladies only. Limited. Found at few shops in Switzerland. Not because we wanted to make it fancy. It's the nature of micro labels. Support them.
Not quite sure yet. Think I got a new assignment documenting a cinema in Zurich. Challenging new field. Terrible light. Free movies. Interesting characters. Such as Andrea Thiele explaining her work enthusiastically.
Shot her first pictures when she came. Shot her last pictures when she left. The only approach I had to fashion so far. Cheers Rakel. You brought Zurich some color. Cheers Noemi. What you did to the hair was crazy. And cheers to Nusch and El Lokal. You don't find many bars that let you shoot and have an old fuck screaming at you to leave his place at the same time.

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